About Foundation

AK Mishra –The Man Behind this noble foundation is working devotedly towards empowerment & development of our Nation.

The journey of this legendary man wasn’t an easy patch. Born and brought up in a small village at Hazaribagh, he used to cycle five kilometers from his Village of Barkagaon to his first school. In the remote and disconnected areas of Chota Nagpur plateau, AK Mishra must have seen countless stretch of land and number of people who needed to be administered emphatically and effectively.

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Inspiration Behind the foundation

The visionary Man behind AK Mishra Foundation, Mr. AK Mishra (also, Founder & Director of Chanakya IAS Academy) is an entrepreneur, educationist, and a motivational speaker. After giving more than 4000 Civil Servants to the nation, he comeprehended the idea of a multidisciplinary foundation and incorporated it with his mission for human success to serve the vulnerable sections of the society and empower them with relevant education and innovative health care.

The areas of work
Women Empowerment

AK Mishra Foundation provides various opportunities for women to empower their skills, through organizing different training programs& workshops, and further provide them with employment opportunities.