About Us: - AK Mishra Foundation and the Man behind

AK Mishra –The Man Behind this noble foundation is working devotedly towards empowerment & development of our Nation.

The journey of this legendary man wasn’t an easy patch. Born and brought up in a small village at Hazaribagh, he used to cycle five kilometres from his Village of Barkagaon to his first school. In the remote and disconnected areas of Chota Nagpur plateau, AK Mishra must have seen a countless stretch of land and number of people who needed to be administered emphatically and effectively. The daily hardship in the life of a remote village in Hazaribagh taught this worthy son of a school principal some necessary lessons of life and suggested a way forward to bring a positive change.

After a splendid academic career through a “nondescript rural school” in Hazaribagh’s St. Columba’s College and Delhi University, he could well have become an administrator himself. But he instead chose to create administrators and deliver quality education to the youth aspiring for Civil Services, so that they all get a solid foundation to get into the administrative services and serve the nation. AK Mishra believed in empowering students in the remotest areas of the country to help them qualify the civil services examination. However AK Mishra’s vision and mission to inspire the country’s youth to learn the art of success and developing ‘human software’, goes beyond just the academy, and he started providing motivational training to Civil Services aspirants and people from all walks of life.

And then, after guiding the aspirants and giving more than 4000 Civil Services officers to the nation, he gave a shape to his another nobler mission to build an inclusive India by pioneering a holistic model to address the multifaceted challenges being faced by the people from deprived and disadvantaged community, which made him bring AK Mishra Foundation into existence.

The organization works towards 5 major areas which include Education, Self Employment, Health, Art &Culture, and Sports. The Foundation keeps conducting community based programs for instrumental enlightenment and active social participation including health camps for elderlies, educational seminars and workshops to empower students, sports activities such as cross country championship, Art and craft training programs to empower women and many other activities to educate women and harness their potential by building an entrepreneurial spirit in village women and to give them employment opportunities.

Empowering Rural ‘Bharat’ and its continuous development is extremely important for our Nation, and we wholeheartedly welcome all who’d like to join us in this mission of accomplishing the statement in a real sense - “Halaat Badalna Hai to Khud Ko Badlo”.

Chairman’s Message

If we have to build the nation, we have to start from the villages and the cities where the pool of talent lies but lacks the support and the right exposure. Belonging from a rural background myself, I have closely observed the ground realities being faced by the individuals. Even the urban population is not effectively utilizing their potential into substantial actions. And, looking at these facts, I am working on channelizing my efforts towards creating opportunities for all the individuals of our society, with a major focus on Youth as they are the real wealth of our country.

Talking about my own journey, I have personally experienced and strongly believe that every human has unique potential and talent which need to be harnessed well. And as the universe has done its part of endowing each one of us with a unique talent, it’s our responsibility to recognize it and make most of it, regardless of our geographical and economical background. If you want to bring a change, you will have to take a step, as one right step will encourage thousands of steps to move forward. It is you who has to engage in innovative and action-based ideas and play a key role in the national mission of empowerment and continuous growth of our society. It is my continuous effort to bring a positive change in our society, and I am glad I could become a channelling force for thousands of unprivileged people of India. I welcome all who wish to step forward and join me in this mission. .