Art & Culture

Music, Art, Dance are something that help the creative process and sparks the imagination and ideas. When this artistic imagination is ignited, we get the most extraordinary power to change lives and add colors. AK Mishra Foundation creates awareness about music, dance and other performing arts among the common people across the country, especially in the underserved areas.

Art is an effort to create, beside the real world, a more humane world. - Maurois, French Author

Ak Mishra Foundation endeavors to nurture the creative arts in young talent at the grass-roots level across India and make them experience the trance of diverse culture. The aim is at pulling more and more people towards learning Indian Culture and Classical Arts, so that people get familiar with our rich culture and recognise the importance of our ethos and understand its holiness. Through our workshops, concerts, and performing arts outreach programs, we aim at introducing music, art and culture to the youth, and make them exposed to the vast, diverse, and versatile cultural heritage of India, which will help bring about a spirit of national integration and unity in the minds and hearts of the youth.

In this endeavor, everyone will be given equal opportunities to the next generation, including those from under-privileged backgrounds, and present their skills on a common mainstream platform with the objective of building their self-esteem, dignity, confidence and hope.

The closer you are to your culture – closer you are to a life filled with harmony and peace

Initiatives under Art and Culture includes,

  • Art & Craft classes - We host regular sessions on art and craft especially to the females to equip them with additional skills which in some cases can also help to earn a supplementary income to help their family. Art and Craft training includes home décor items, Embroidery, Metal crafts, paper crafts, etc.
  • Concerts, competitions on art and culture activities: The Foundation frequently organizes Activates like musical performances, cultural dance and various educational workshops on discussing the Indian Culture to empower the youth and build the nation’s cultural ethos of unity in diversity.