AK Mishra Foundation promotes intergenerational bonding and acclaims a strong belief that granting healthcare services to every individual is a fundamental way towards the development of both the society and the country.

The First wealth is health - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Since independence, India has made rapid strides in the health sector. However, reliable healthcare remains a challenge across our country. Urban areas have less than 4% of government primary health care services, despite accounting for 1/4th of the country’s less privileged population. Urban slum dwellers are not far behind; they suffer from adverse health conditions and go through economic adversity.

AK Mishra Foundation has a firm alliance with Healthy Aging India (HAI) – founded by Dr. Prashun Chatterjee, a national non-profit organisation, working for the better health care and quality life for the geriatric (60+) population of the country. In association with HAI, AK Mishra Foundation works towards the Health and the unaddressed issues for disadvantaged, which is a desperate need of the moment.

Health initiatives by AK Mishra Foundation include:

  • Address the primary health care issues – The Foundation organizes free health camps for elderlies & children, especially from the underserved section of the society. The camps are organized with firm alliance with various health institutions to provide people the best possible doctors and possible treatments wherever required
  • Awareness programs – Rectify the primary health care issues in the community and address the same by providing health care and preventive care services and educating the locals towards achieving the best possible health outcomes through various workshops, lectures and camps.
    • Health issues – Programs that educate people about various diseases and health issues along with the causes of the same, preventions and the cure. Also create a unique self-sustaining model for an elder generation to promote health & wellness and prevent injuries & illness.
    • Healthy lifestyle – Promote a healthy daily regime with guidance on proper diet, maintaining personal hygiene, daily routine and help understand the importance of fitness & exercise. AK Mishra foundation strongly supports quality of life and promotes creating intergenerational solidarity.
  • Empower the community by engaging them in meaningful activity – Deliberately organize activities for raising individual and community awareness in the underserved section of society.