Self Employment

While working at the grassroots level, AK Mishra has realized that the major cause of increasing poverty, school dropouts of students from underprivileged families is Economic poverty, which rises due to lack of skills and employment opportunities. While developing entire India, we often neglect the areas which indeed require attention and the right support. Thus, this model of AK Mishra Foundation aims at honing the skills of people from an underserved section of the society, so that they can earn their livelihood.

The Foundation conducts need-based skill development training programs in specific sectors including sewing, Making Art and Craft products, Packaging, textile and accessories. The major focus is on empowering women in order to remove the discrimination between men and women and to make women aware of their existing potential, which, if harnessed well, can do wonders.

Initiatives include:

Vocational Training: We host sessions where participants are given vocational training that helps them develop additional skills based on their area of interest

Placements: The foundation, in association with major industries, stakeholders, NGOs, Government centre and communities provide employment opportunities to women after training them in a particular area.