Physical education & sports stimulate a holistic development of an individual by making them fit and emotionally balanced at the same time. Indulging into sports activities not just develops a good physical stamina but also helps inculcate the habit of obedience, discipline and the determination to win while strengthening the willpower.

AK Mishra foundation, driven by the mission of creating a healthier society, both physically & emotionally, organizes various sports championships & tournaments like Cross Country Races, Football tournaments, Lawn Tennis, Karate championships, etc., to bring forward fresh talent from various sections of the society, especially from the under-served communities and provide them an opportunity to hone their skills and reach International playgrounds. These sports and recreation activities for youth, in return, instigate a positive and constructive thinking that results in prosperity.

  • Host special workshops to encourage physical education and sports – In the areas, where the right talent is often neglected and remain suppressed while fulfilling the basic needs, through various awareness workshops, competitions, AK Mishra Foundation aims at searching out the right talent to nurture, train and then give them the right platform to showcase it at national and even international level. The training is provided by professionals as we firmly believe that only a team of well-trained athletes can put India on top of the World Sporting Map.
  • Organize National and International level sports championships programs – After honing the skills of the youth in underserved areas, the Foundation organizes several local, National & International level sports championships & tournaments like cross country race from district to national level, Karate championships, Football matches and many other sports activities to allow the local youth showcase their skills and win their chances to qualifying state, national & ultimately international level competition.