What we do

AK Mishra Foundation comprises of eminent professionals from multi-sector backgrounds across India that share a common vision and do their bit towards the society in making of a cognitive culture. It’s with an intention to put collective efforts to synergistically work and gather people who find themselves inspired to uplift lives of those who grow with inadequate education, healthcare, resources and psychological support.

We consider education & training as the principal mode of serving the society at large. We believe that unless the deprived sections of society are served to the best of our ability, we would be breaking down in our social responsibilities. And therefore, with a social alliance with various educational institutions, health care institutions, sports and athletic associations and other eminent personalities, we are specially focusing our work in 5 major areas;

  • Education
  • Health
  • Art & Culture
  • Sports
  • Self-Employment
Our Vision

AK Mishra Foundation envisions a transformed India where all children have access to proper education, every youth is given the right platform to showcase his/her talent at national and International level, all families have access to proper medical care; all women and men are given the equal opportunity of employment and self-growth. We support & actively indulge in the programmes and services that are consciously working towards the welfare of the society and their sustainable development

Our Mission

The founder of AK Mishra Foundation believes that unless members of the civil society are proactively involved in the process of uplifting the backwards sections of the society—sustainable change will not occur in our country. Due to his immense belief in 'Civic Driven Change', AK Mishra Foundation sensitises the civil society towards his mission of empowering our society from within.

  • Utilise the accessible resources to substantial improvements in the quality of life of the people with attribution to their Education, Health, Art & Culture, Skill Development and Sports.
  • Deploy methodology to sensitise privileged children, youth and citizens of our country to promote Civic Driven Change.
  • Support family healthcare and women empowerment.

AK Mishra Foundation realised that Education for Children cannot be attained without families, particularly, without the mother. Unless the mother is assured of health care and education— the mission would not be completed.